May 06, 2012

Avenger Adventure

Late night, Friday:

BC: Let's watch it tomorrow morning. 11:00 show. I will come with AK. You are going to stay at VD's place?
Me: OK. I will come directly from VD's place.

10:00 AM, 10:30 AM Saturday:

I call up BC. Doesn't pick up.

11:05 AM, Saturday:

BC calls me up.
BC: I am with AK at the Gas place. We won't be able to make it to the 11 show.
Me: Sure, we will go in the afternoon then. There is a show at 2:00 PM.
BC: AK says he has some work till 3:30 PM. Is there any show after that?
Me: Let me check. There is one at 4:45 PM. Fame.
BC: That should be fine.
Me: OK.

3:45 PM, Saturday:

BC calls me up.
BC: Are we still going for the 4:45 PM show? Or do you want to go tomorrow?
Me: We will go for the 4:45 one. Why?
BC: We might be [sic] little late.
Me: Dude, it is still one hour till the show begins.
BC: Yeah. I will be taking bath and all. Can you call up AK too?
Me: Sure. Will do.

3:50 PM, Saturday:

I call up AK.
Me: You are coming, right?
AK: Ya. I will just ask BC to pick me up.
Me: Actually, that would be a problem. I am back from VD's place. So one of us has to go in an auto.
AK: Aapki aawaz sunai nahi deh rahi.
Me: I can hear you. Hello? Hello?

I message AK.
Me: Reach there by 4:45. We will buy the tickets there. We haven't booked online.

4:15 PM, Saturday:

I get ready. I call up BC. Doesn't pick up.

4:20, 4:36 PM, Saturday:

Call BC again. Still doesn't pick up. My phone goes dead.

4:45 PM, Saturday:

I hear a doorbell. BC is at the door.
BC: Let's go, let's go. We are getting late.
Me: What have you been doing?
BC: I was talking on phone. I went to take a bath at 4:30PM.

We leave.

4:57 PM, Saturday:

BC's bike runs out of petrol.
BC: You take an auto. I will not come.
Me: Are you sure?
BC: Yeah.

I take an auto.

5:05 PM, Saturday:

I reach Fame. AK is nowhere to be seen. My phone is dead and I am unable to call him. I ask the security guy if anyone left a ticket with him. He says no. Doesn't really make sense for me to go in now. I leave.

Later in the evening, Saturday:

BC and AK come to my place.
BC: I saw the movie. The petrol place was pretty near. So I filled petrol in my bike and went. Where were you?
Me: I came back.
BC: Why?
I explained.

BC: I just bought a ticket and went in. Good thing that we didn't book the tickets in advance.
AK: Actually, I bought tickets for you guys too. I waited till 5:00, man. I couldn't have done more.
Me: Hehe.


विश्व दीपक said...

Haha...... typical chinta...... seriously, what an adventure :)

Feather said...

This is how Chinta can turn a normal day into an adventurous man.. what shit man.. I am laughing since yesterday on this piece... I thought the story ended when CHinta showed up at 4:45, then I thought it ended at when petrol runs out, and again I fell in trap that it ends when Bobo does not find AK. But Chinta decides to surprise us again :D 4 tickets and 1.5 attendance

AK said...

Moral : CS -> Get a new phone or keep this one charged