December 20, 2009

To-do list

Where do we even start?

Let's make a todo list. A list of things that I need to do. Or undo. In which case it won't be a to-do list anymore. It will be more like a to-undo list.

Making the later is definitely tougher. It is easy to find things that you want to do. For an undo list, you have to look deeper inside yourself, find things that you hate. Be honest with yourself. Find ways of ripping out. It is like losing a part of your individuality. Usually, whether we like it or not, certain attributes become a part of us. Even if an attribute falls into the definition of our 'bad', it is so rooted into our being, doing away with it would cause our individuality to react in an adverse manner. ..

(to be continued)

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Bee said...

forrm taare..maale...